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Robomow Friendly Robotics

Robot Lawn Mowers
1149.00 £
Robot Lawn Mowers
649.00 £
Robot Lawn Mowers / Garages for Robot Lawn Mowers
199.00 £
Robot Lawn Mowers / Robot Lawn Mowers accessories
109.00 £
Robot Lawn Mowers / Robot Lawn Mowers accessories
14.90 £
Robot Lawn Mowers / Robot Lawn Mowers accessories
16.90 £
Robot Lawn Mowers / Robot Lawn Mowers accessories
14.90 £
Robot Lawn Mowers / Robot Lawn Mowers accessories
99.90 £
Robot Lawn Mowers / Robot Lawn Mowers accessories
35.00 £
Robot Lawn Mowers / Robot Lawn Mowers accessories
69.00 £
Robot Lawn Mowers / Robot Lawn Mowers accessories
299.00 £
Robot Lawn Mowers / Robot Lawn Mowers accessories
229.00 £
Robot Lawn Mowers / Robot Lawn Mowers accessories
339.00 £
Robot Lawn Mowers / Robot Lawn Mowers accessories
289.00 £
Robot Lawn Mowers / Robot Lawn Mowers accessories
299.00 £
Robot Lawn Mowers / Robot Lawn Mowers accessories
99.00 £
Robot Lawn Mowers / Robot Lawn Mowers accessories
79.00 £
Robot Lawn Mowers / Robot Lawn Mowers accessories
99.00 £
Robot Lawn Mowers / Robot Lawn Mowers accessories
89.00 £
Robot Lawn Mowers / Robot Lawn Mowers accessories
199.00 £
Robot Lawn Mowers / Robot Lawn Mowers accessories
84.90 £
Price 0 £ bis 0 £
Area 0 m² bis 0 m²

The friendly company Friendly Robotics is the manufacturer of the well-known robomow robots. Friendly Robotics was founded in 1995 in Even Yehuda, Israel. They specialized exclusively in the field of lawn mowing robots and according to their own data is already the world number two.


Robomow sells several tens of thousands of models each year. Since Robomow produces in its own factories in Israel, they also make many license buildings for other lawn robot manufacturers, eg for the German company Wolf. The current flagship of the Israelis is the Robomow RS630.


For the year 2014 a complete overhaul of the product line was announced. Then all Robomow will be controlled from the profile line to City, via Tuscania via App. For all Robomow mowing robots a limiting wire must be routed. Since these mowing robots are high-tech machines, they are mainly distributed only through authorized dealers and can be bought there.

Robomow is the number 2 in the lawnmowers worldwide after Husqvarna with their Automower. Robomow also looks at a long-standing tradition in the field of mowing robots. The manufacturer Friendly Robotics has specialized exclusively in the field of lawn robots for more than 10 years and thus has a high level of innovation and experience. The Robomow lawn robots are technically advanced and are no match for the Automower. Many advantages, such as the close-to-the-edge mowing, are only available at Robomow. Robomow stands out strongly from the competition by a long Akkulaufzeit and a very large cutting surface. Also an excellent service, together with household robotic, play the strong brand Robomow in the hand. With Robomow they are sure to buy one of the best lawn robots in the world.

Robomow Roboter

Welche Robomow Modelle gibt es auf dem deutschen Markt?

The new Robomow product range will be launched in 2014. Completely new and even better developed lawn robots are offered. For very large gardens up to 3000 m² in the professional area there is the Robomow RS630.
For somewhat smaller gardens, but also large and in the Profibereich there is the Robomow RS612 and Robomow RS622.
For very small gardens up to 200 m², Robomow offers the Robomow RC302.
The Robomow RC304 and Robomow RC306 will be available in the middle gardens of 400 m² and 600 m². Furthermore, almost all robomow profi models are marketed as a city for the DIY store and Tuscania for the electrical trade. We at HaushaltsRobotic recommend that you always go back to the Profivariante as the best and most distinctive service is available.

Can I buy Robomow lawn robots at HaushaltsRobotic?

All Robomow Profimers and City can be purchased from us. We have a wide as well as deep product range and already look back on years of experience with Robomow mowing robots. Close co-operation with the manufacturer and a partnership-based relationship make HausRobotic a competent and qualified contact for the customer. We stand by our products and assist our customers with questions. You can reach our service staff by telephone, in person or by e-mail. If you have any questions or problems with your lawn robot, we will of course assist you.


Robomow - Charging the battery

The robomow robots are fully automatic robots, which are operated by a rechargeable battery. Most models find their charging station completely independent. This means that the robot moves back to the charging station when the power status is low and then recharges until the battery is fully charged again. When the full battery power is reached, the Robomow mows again.


The advantages of Robomow lawn robots

  • Remote control by mobile phone: Now a special Robomow app is available. This allows you to control the device with your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Fast mowing: The wide mower ensures fast mowing.
  • Quiet work: The Robomow lawn robots are particularly quiet, so you will not be particularly disturbed if you want to rest in the garden and the robot is in operation.
  • Adjustment of the height: The cutting height can be adjusted individually. So you always have an even lawn.
  • The edge mode: The mower of most robots from Robomow reaches the wheels. By the special mode he mows all fringe edges.
  • Child protection: The child safety device prevents the use of the lawn robot if you are not familiar with it.
  • Mowing steep surfaces: Most Robomow models can also mow slopes with a 35% gradient.
  • Ladestation: The lawn robot runs independently into the charging station and recharges until it reaches the full battery power again.
  • Rain sensor: Through the rain sensor Robomow robots recognize moisture and allows the owner to decide whether further mowing or not.

Robomow MC500


HRobotic offers Robomow robots at fair prices with a top quality service. Robomow functions independently and maintains your lawn every day. Enjoy your free time with the family and let robomow do the work


My Robomow has problems after a year?


Do not worry. Household Robotic works closely with Robomow's service workshop. We pick up your lawnmower robot in the shortest possible time and repair it. You will receive it back once it has been repaired and serviced.


Why is Hrobotic so cheap compared to other sellers?


We work effectively and are customer-oriented, We have no large company cars or shops in the most expensive shopping street, this reduces our overheads and allows us to be extremely competitive. Buy a Robomow lawnmowing robot at the best prices.


Robomow MS Familie Hintergrund


Is the service reduced over time?


No, we are more cost-effective and therefore have larger budgets for service and customer advice. With Hrobotic, you do not only save money but also get added value through advice and service. This is how HRobotic who are the specialist for lawnmower robots distinguishes itself from other suppliers.


Which Robomow models have a brushless motor?


The following Robomow lawnmowers have a motor without brushes:

  • Robomow RC312
  • Robomow RS625
  • Robomow RS635


Robomow template for routes of travel

The template information for your Robomow can be located once you open the cardboard packaging.

 Robomow Schablone finden

Robomow Schablone 2

Robomow Schablone 1

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