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The company - Moneual

In 2001 the company produced its first home cinema PC and since then also brought all-in-one computers and notebooks onto the market. Today, you also manufacture health products, cosmetics and suction robots.


The Korean robotic specialist was founded in 2004 in Korea. Moneual is now one of the most important and successful manufacturers of vacuum robots and wiping robots. With global subsidiaries, they supply traders in more than 40 countries and serve local customers and distributors.


The German branch is located in Frankfurt. Household Robotic Known models are the Moneual MR6500 suction robot, which is available in green and blue, and the Moneual MR7700 is available in red and black. The latter has already won several design awards. In addition, there is the world novelty, the Moneual MR6800, which can simultaneously suck and wipe.

 Moneual Roboter schwarz

Moneual convinces with a high technical innovation and household robots of the highest quality. The quality is always kept at the same high level, so that the customer always receives a good and mature product. The support and guarantee processing is fast and uncomplicated in Germany.


How do I set the language to my Moneual?

To select the right language, follow our instructions. They can be found here ...

Moneual verschiedene ModelleThe manufacturer Moneual is a worldwide manufacturer of suction robots and wiping robots. The original South Korean company was only established in 2004 and Moneual has been able to build a good reputation and a stable brand since then. With a total of 400 employees, Moneual develops and sells a variety of effective and powerful household robots. With the newly launched Moneual MR6800 M, which is a vacuum and wiping robot in one, the manufacturer has achieved a true revolution and a long-awaited product expansion.

What Moneual models are there on the market?

On the German market, Moneual has the suction robots MR6500 and MR7700. With these two vacuum suction robots in the middle price segment, Moneual addresses a broad mass of the population. Both devices are top, offer a high suction power and a good price performance ratio. With the Moneual MR6800m the range is expanded by suction and wiping robots. All the devices also have a nice, eye-catching design, which makes the Moneual devices also a great and exclusive gift for Christmas, birthday etc.

Can I buy Moneual household robots at Haushaltsrobotic?

With household robotic you can purchase the Moneual MR6500, the Moneual MR7700 as well as the Moneual MR6800m. Our experts will be happy to advise you on how to choose the right suction robot. We also offer all the necessary spare parts as well as any accessories for each model. Householdrobotic offers on all its appliances 2 years warranty and free support. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. Your requests are always taken seriously by us and your wishes we try to fulfill with full satisfaction!


Moneual is one of the largest manufacturers of vacuum cleaners worldwide. Its headquarters are located in Korea, where the first robots were also produced by Moneual. Other branches are located in the USA and in Germany, Frankfurt am Main. Moneual's European business is also managed and managed from Frankfurt. Moneual is a strongly growing company in a new segment for Germany. It is different in Asia where people have long been dealing with household bugs and most households already have such a device.


Which vacuum cleaners are offered by Moneual?


Latest model is the new wiping and sucking combination robot Moneual MR6800 m. It is the world's first combiner that combines these two properties effectively. The flagship among the Moneual vacuum robots is the MR7700, he has already won many prizes. The smallest available model is the Moneual MR6500, which is available in the colors green and blue. All robots are technically mature and meet the highest standards of today.


Germany Headquarters of Moneual in Frankfurt


Moneual Zentrale


Can I buy these robotic vacuum cleaners at Household Robotic?


We carry the entire product line of the company Moneual and can offer the robots by a long cooperation at a very favorable price. We have always stocked the MR6800, MR7700 and MR6500 since and can deliver quickly within a few days. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our competent team at any time. We would like to offer you the best price.



How to change the language setting for the Moneual?

  • Switch off the mains switch at the rear -
    After a few seconds

  • MODE button 4-5 Sec. hold -
    Until language setting is activated - Release the mode key

  • Left soft-touch button (ARROW / START / STOP)
    Hold down until desired language
    Is reached

  • Middle soft-touch button (POWER BUTTON)
    to confirm

  • Switch off the mains switch - to check:
    Some Sec. Wait - Switch on the mains switch again
    And start cleaning
    Language to be heard!


Can the Moneual vacuum robot ME670, MR6500, ME590 be retrofitted with a wiping attachment?

Yes, this is possible. You can buy the wiper attachment from us in the Onlineshop under the Moneual accessories category and attach it to your vacuum robot.

Wischaufsatz für den Moneual


Moneual Wischaufsatz befestigen

Difference between Moneual ME685 and Moneual ME770

Model Moneual ME 685 Moneual ME 770
Including wiping function with water tank yes yes
Independent return to the charging station yes yes
Can parallel wipe and vacuum
yes yes
Systematic cleaning thanks to room mapping via camera No yes
Brushless BLDC motor yes yes
HEPA Filter No yes
Crash sensor on stairs yes yes
Obstacle sensor yes yes
Timer function yes yes
Scratch detection sensor yes yes
Large cleaning area yes yes
Long battery life yes yes
Side brush yes yes


How do I set the timer function for the Moneual ME770 Style?

  • Place the Moneual in its charging station

  • Set the main switch at the rear of the Moneual to 1

  • Press the power button on the remote control

  • Press on the remote control 1x reservation for vacuuming in an hour

  • On the remote control, press twice to reserve the suction at the same time every day

  • Confirm your entry with Select on the remote control


What do they need to set the timer function?

  • Charging station
  • Remote control
  • Vacuum robot


How exactly can the suction times be defined?

  • Start in an hour
  • Start each day at the same time (it takes the time in which the setting has been made) Unfortunately, you can not define an exact time.


How do I clean the main brush correctly?

1. Open the main brush cover. To do this, press the two sealing tabs slightly inwards and lift off the brush cover.

Moneual Abdeckung


2. Remove the main brush. Always lift the stopper, which you see on the right side of the picture, at the end of the brush. This is not included with the replacement brushes and must be reused.

Moneual Bürste entnehmen


3. Remove the hair from the main brush at the side. Long human and animal hair are wrapped very much around the brush and cause a fault message when vacuuming. It is important to remove the stopper and remove the hair underneath.

Moneual Haare entfernen


4. Return the main brush back into the dust collector. Replace the brush, including the stopper. The plug must be right into the trough.

Moneual Staubeinzug

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