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Robomow MC800 - lawnmower

from Friendly Robotics - article number: 1549
Normal price: £1499.00
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Delivery info
UKRest of europeSwitzerland
Basket value < £100,00£4,90 £4,90£30,00
Basket value from £100,00£0,00£0,00£0,00
Brand Friendly Robotics
Cutting height1,5 - 6,0 cm
Cutting width28 cm
Pincode/Theft protectionJa
Rain sensorJa
All technical details >>
Instruction Manual


  • Brochure for all Robomow MC models
  • Operating instructions for the Robomow app
  • User manual v2.0 for the Robomow app
  • Child safety
  • Emergency stop switch, for instant identification
  • Safety accumulator with seal
  • Multiple surfaces definable
  • 2 entry points definable
  • Lifting gate for protection against the knife
  • Inclinometer for protection against the knife
  • rain sensor
  • Edge mode
  • Remote control via app
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • GSM module available as an option
  • Cut height adjustment
  • Shock sensors
  • Theft protection
  • Eco Mode
  • Programming capability & timer function
  • Easy maintenance and replacement of parts due to modular design

Accessories included

  • 1x charging station, transformer and transformer
  • 1x Lithium Ferrum Polymer Battery
  • 1x limit cable (200 m)
  • 1x racing nails (250 pcs.)
  • 1x cable connection terminals
  • 1x connections for cable repair
  • 1x high performance knife
  • 1x user manual
  • 1x installation DVD
  • 1x Roboruler for distance measurement
  • 4x lawn hooks to secure the loading station
  • 1x Robomow App (available in Appstore)
Robomow MC800 - Friendly Robotics 2 Robomow MC800 - Friendly Robotics 1 Robomow MC800 - Friendly Robotics 3 Robomow MC800 - Friendly Robotics 4 Robomow MC800 - Friendly Robotics 5
Robomow MC800 - Friendly Robotics 2
Product details Reviews AccessoriesFAQs

First presented at the IFA 2015 in Berlin. Robomow MC800, the new lawnmower robots from Friendly Robotics.


Android Neato AppNeato App Apple App Store downloaden


Design and appearance

The Robomow MC800 is not only pretty to look at - it offers above all a robust, stable and durable housing. The beautiful red color makes the MC800 a real eye-catcher.



The hero in the garden


The mowing performance of the Robomow MC800

The MC800 can mow an area of up to 800m² quickly and effectively. The MC800's lithium-ion battery promises a long life and effective mowing.


Kantennahmes Mähen des Robomow


Charging station and autonomous lawn mowing

The scope of supply includes a charging station as standard. The robot automatically drives on as soon as it has finished its mowing process or the battery is very weak. There he automatically charges himself.


In addition, the MC800 has a practical timer function - for example, if the robot is to mow the lawn every day at 4 pm, he will do so without further ado. If it rains, do not worry - the MC800 has a rain sensor. This recognizes rain and the Robi automatically returns to his Ladestation.


"Also controllable with App. A great alternative to the conventional remote control "

Attention: In order to use the app, you need a smartphone or tablet with the correct software version. You can find out which versions are supported in the App Store or Google Play Store.


Sensor technology and intelligence of Robomow

The Robomow MC800 recognizes obstacles thanks to its sensors. This allows the robot to identify objects or furniture and move around the identified objects . A pin code protects the MC800 from theft.


"A complete package with everything you need to start mowing immediately."


What is the operating volume of a MC800

The Robomow is very quiet and hardly disturbs. You could easily barbecue with your friends or take a quiet moment alone in the garden without any interference from the robot.


Robomow MC seitlich


Warranty and support

You can test the Robomow MC800 in your garden. We provide 2 years warranty and free support on all Robomow MC models. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact the Robotic Team personally, by phone or by e-mail.


Suitable accessories for Robomow MC800 - lawnmower

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Bewertungen und Erfahrungen Robomow MC800 - lawnmower

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Does Robomow have a rain sensor?

Yes, Robomow can tell if the lawn is wet. Depending on the setting, it then shifts its lawn mowing and then runs out when the lawn is drier again.

How does Robomow's rain sensor work?

You must set the rain sensor with the app to a sensitivity level. On the Robomow above the display is the rain sensor. This measures the humidity. The measured value is output in the app. If the measured value is above the limit, the Robomow does not go out. If the measured value falls below the deposit, the Robomow will start mowing half an hour later.

Do I need to use the Robomow rain sensor?

No, they can regulate the sensitivity of the rain sensor as desired, or can completely expose it.

Does the Robomow have a smartphone app?

Yes, the Robomow has an app for Android and IOS from Apple. This can be downloaded free of charge.

Does Robomow have an edge mode?

Yes, Robomow is driving off the ridge edge. Also, the blade is slightly offset so that the Robomow can best mow the edge.

How long is the warranty on Robomow robots?

The green Robomow have a guarantee period of 3 years.

Does the Robomow have a remote control?

It is controlled by the app. If you do not want it, you can buy a Bluetooth remote control.

Has the Robomow MC800 a GSM module?

No, this is only installed from the Robomow RC312 as standard. You can also purchase the GSM module. For further information on installation and function please click here ...

How long is the GSM module free of charge?

3 years Robomow takes the mobile phone costs. Afterwards a subscription has to be concluded directly at Robomow. This costs only 4,90 € per year.

Has the Robomow MC800 PowerWheels?

Yes, the PowerWheels are built as standard from the Robomow MC800. The PowerWheels can be purchased later. For further information on installation and function please click here ...

How do I change the wheels at my Robomow?

In this video we show how to change the wheels at Robomow.

How high is the consumption of the Robomow MC800?

The Robomow consumes about 14 KWH per month and is thereby very economical and economical.

Has the Robomow MC800 a brushless motor?

No, only the RC312, RS625 & RS635 have a motor without brushing.

How often do I have to change the knife?

This also depends on the circumstances of their garden. We recommend to use a new knife at least every season. If the blade has an imbalance, we advise you to replace it immediately, as this could damage the motor. You will find a replacement knife here ...

How do I change the knife at my Robomow?

In this video we show how to change the knife correctly.

How long does my Robomow battery last?

Robomow robots have a high quality lithium ion battery. This is very long lasting and usually last 3-4 years and longer. More detailed information about Lithium Ion batteries can be found here ...

How do I change the battery at my Robomow?

In this video we show how the battery is changed correctly.

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